Monday, October 06, 2014

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2014 - Track Four - Zombie Zones

Welcome back!  Barbados-born Dennis "Blackbeard" Bovell is the man... a producer, a musician, a sound engineer and a true reggae master!  He started his career playing in a couple bands before going on to play with legendary British group Matumbi, all while collaborating with such reggae legends as I Roy, Steel Pulse, Errol Dunkley and Johnny Clarke.  Good stuff!  But what has always endeared me to Dennis Bovell is the work we did and continues to do with Linton Kwesi Johnson... I was on a LKJ kick a couple weeks ago and aside from the brilliantly constructed poetry I was just diggin' on the strength and emotive power of the music itself.  

Which brings me to the fourth track in the Spooktacular... this track "Zombie Zones" comes from the 2003 Bovell retrospective CD on the Pressure Sounds label called Decibel - More Cuts And Dubs 1976-1983.  And like all of Dennis Bovell's dubs it is masterful and conveniently appropriate for our seasonal spookiness!  Of course anything zombie related got me thinking about my all-time favorite zombie film "Night of the Living Dead" and you will hear that influence clearly reflected when you give this one a listen.  Besides, with Bovell's ominous bass line coupled with the creepy melodica and the mayhem sound effects woven under the music it really give you that zombie apocalypse feel without much of my intervention.

Spooktacular Track Four - Dennis Bovell - Zombie Zones

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