Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2014 - Track Five - Bones Dub

We featured "Dub In Blood" from Skin, Flesh & Bones' Dub In Blood LP last year and I jumped right on the opportunity to feature another!  Skin, Flesh & Bones is one of those "backing bands" whose members identities remain shrouded in mystery - no one seems to mention the talent behind the semi-macabre name but Lloyd Parks, founding member of The Revolutionaries, The Professionals and his own We The People Band, confirmed in an interview by Jim Dooley that, "the members of Skin, Flesh & Bones was: myself on bass, Ansel Collins on keyboards, and another keyboard player called Tarzan, and Ranchie MacLean on guitar."  Well there you go... mystery solved!

This time we're going with "Bones Dub" and like the skeletal foot-stomper on the accompanying comic cover I hope you like it as much as he does.  This is a good ol' fashioned slice of dub, perfect for a late-night whirl in the cemetery!  See you tomorrow!

Spooktacular Track Five - Skin, Flesh & Bones - Bones Dub

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