Thursday, October 09, 2014

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2014 - Track Seven - Bull Buck (And Duppy Conqueror)

Short and sweet today... Prince Buster is back again with another Spooktacular tune!  This one called "Bull Buck (And Duppy Conqueror)" is another welcome addition to the vault of creepy Jamaican tunes that crowd the crates in my bedroom closet.  But before we get to the tune it's important that I clarify what "Bull Buck" means... bull buck is a Jamaican colloquialism that means to be on top of the world and unbeatable.  To say someone is bull buck and duppy conqueror means that no one, living or dead, can topple them from their strong-willed place of preeminence and power.  

This one comes from a 1969 7" on the Fab label and was released just months before The Wailers released "Duppy Conqueror." Buster's tune has a less defiant tone than the Wailers supernatural-battling scorcher but makes for an appropriate duppy tune nonetheless!  See you tomorrow!

 Spooktacular Track Seven - Prince Buster - Bull Buck (And Duppy Conqueror)

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