Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 284 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Desmond Dekker - Get Up Edina

Desmond Dekker, born Desmond Dacres, got his start singing in church before unsuccessfully trying his hand with Coxsone and Duke Reid and eventually finding a home with Beverley's where he found his first successes.  Once he had established himself as a solo artist with a couple hit records he put together The Aces, the group in which he would become synonymous, by recruiting the talents of the four Howard brothers; Carl, Patrick, Clive and Barry.  It was with this newly formed group that Desmond Dekker recorded today's track in 1963... a real foot-mover called "Get Up Edina" which features one of the most blistering paced tempos and joyous horn sections of the entire ska era, IMHO.  This wasn't my intention when I posted this track but the fevered pace, as good as it is, will nearly make you break out in a sweat just by clicking play... it will serve as the perfect segue into tomorrow's tempo slowdown.

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