Thursday, August 25, 2016

Day 299 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Billy Boyo - Going Back To School

Billy Theophilus Rowe, later known to dancehall fans by the moniker Billy Boyo, was one of a handful of child artists to come to prominence in the early 80s.  Kids like Boyo, Little Harry and Beenie Man all received their musical education and encouragement, for the most part, from Henry "Junjo" Lawes and Volcano's stable of artists and it was under their guidance that they had the opportunity to perform and record.  Billy Boyo is regarded as the most prolific of the child M.C.s and scored a hit at the ripe-old age of 13, with the Junjo produced "Wicked She Wicked" in 1982.  He followed it up with his trademark tune "One Spliff A Day" the following year and remained active performing with a heap of sound systems but by the mid to late 80s he had virtually disappeared.  Sadly Rowe died at the age of 31 in October of 2000 after a short struggle with a brain tumor.  Today's tune "Going Back To School," also recorded with Lawes at the helm and released on the 1983 Greensleeves clash album DJ Clash Volume Two which featured five tracks by Boyo and five tracks by fellow deejay Little Harry, is super tuff!  To be honest, the entire album is fantastic!  Once you get away from the novelty of hearing teenagers deejay and pay attention to their lyrics, confident deliveries and amazing abilities to ride a riddim, it stands out to me personally as one of the single-most enjoyable dancehall albums of the entire era!  So let's get to it!

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