Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 305 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Eek A Mouse - Operation Eradication

"Operation Eradication" is one of Eek A Mouse's best and like everything else this week it too is lifted from yet another Greensleeves 12 inch that was produced by Henry Junjo Lawes, backed by the Radics and recorded at Channel One.  Why "Operation Eradication" is labeled the b-side on this disc is completely mind boggling because "Wild Like A Tiger" the featured tune of the flip is completely forgettable.  Sure it gives the listener a sampling of the Mouse's sing-jay gimmickry that would be his trademark but it just doesn't have the smooth feel of "Operation Eradication."  Perhaps it has something to do with the A-side being backed by the Hi-Times Band or that it was recorded at Joe Gibbs but it has never been a song that I've ever intentionally went back to listen to again.  It is obvious that Junjo, the Radics and Channel One worked best together when it came to producing tunes that have a tendency to get stuck in your head for hours if not days after hearing them.  But enough of my pondering let's get to the tune...

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