Sunday, September 04, 2016

Day 309 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Edi Fitzroy - First Class Citizen

Fitzroy Edwards AKA Edi Fitzroy got his first exposure in 1978 while singing in his spare-time and working at the Jamaican Broadcasting Company as an accounts clerk.  Legendary on-air personality Mikey Dread caught wind of his recordings and with his guidance he got Edi Fitzroy to release his first single "Miss Molly Colly," which became a hit.  Renowned for his socially conscious lyrics and winning quite a few awards throughout the 80s for doing so, Edi Fitzroy never quit his day-job and didn't devote his energies full-time to music until the mid-90s.  Today's track "First Class Citizen" was produced by Trevor Elliot and backed by the Radics and released as a 10" single on the Musical Ambassadors label in 1982 and was also included on his album Youthman Penitentiary the same year.
This one is super tuff!

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