Saturday, September 10, 2016

Day 315 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Robert Ffrench - Bad Boy Posse

Gonna stick with the same riddim this Saturday and a great record by the man Robert Ffrench.  Ffrench recorded his first singles in 1979 at the age of seventeen and really hit his stride in the 80s when he hit the charts with a couple combination tunes like "Bun & Cheese" with Clement Irie in 1985 and "Modern Girl" with Courtney Melody in 1989.  And while both those tracks hold a lot of fond personal memories of the early days of my reggae explorations, it is his stuff that he voiced during the early dancehall era that really shine.  Take for instance today's song "Bad Boy Posse" from 1983, produced by Ossie Thomas, riding the Boops riddim and originally pressed as a 7" in Jamaica on the Ganja Farm label before making its way north to Canada as a 12" on EAD... pure badness! 

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