Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 316 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Roots Radics - Lovers Rock

While today's date will always remain somber in the eyes of many, myself included, it's important to keep on keeping on with the 365 Day Challenge.  Originally I unsuccessfully searched for a song that would channel the sorrow that 9/11 and the 15th anniversary of such represents but I decided to just keep it positive and light.  God knows there are enough reminders of this horrific day on every other media outlet to keep you heartbroken and tearful well into next week but not here.  I want to put a smile on your face with some sweet reggae music!  This one is called "Lovers Rock" by the Roots Radics and it comes from a various artists album produced and featuring Prince Far I called Showcase In A Suitcase, released in 1980 on the PRE label.  This is the dub-wise take on a tune called "How Love Divine" with the Wailing Souls and Far I and it's basically just the Radics laying down another  melodic, yet wickedly bass-heavy taste of what they did best.

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