Monday, September 05, 2016

Day 310 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Badoo - Working In A Factory

Though very similar in vocal style but not in any way related to Madoo or even UU Madoo, the singer who called himself Badoo was in fact Horace L. Grossett.  Born in Kingston and a member of the Alpha Boys School choir, Badoo struck out on his own in the mid 70s, but ended up being most successful in 1981 when he recorded two albums, Guess Who The General and The General both for "arranger" Bunny T and on the relatively obscure Duracell label.  Today's tune "Working In A Factory" is from the Guess Who... album and it was selected especially in honor of Labor Day here in the United States.  While Labor Day celebrates the social and economic achievements of the working public, to most it merely symbolizes the official end of summer.  I never understood why a day honoring the American worker was used as the bookend to the most festive season of the year.  It's almost like those in charge many years ago decided to let the underlings have a day off in September before getting their asses back to work for the next 364 days.  To me, if this country really wanted to pay tribute to the people who work in the factories, farm the fields, build and repair our highways and communities, etc. they would give us a goddamn raise not just a lousy day off!  Or how about a week off, in the middle of summer?  I'm probably complaining about nothing but the end of summer usually puts me in a sour mood anyway.

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