Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Day 332 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Aston "Family Man" Barrett - Pleasing Dub

So I finally got around to putting in the templates for the remaining tracks in the 365 Day Challenge and when I got to the final date I realized that I was two short.  Well after extensive digging back into the archives I discovered that somewhere around track 122 my numbering took a side route and after a solid couple hour of tediously changing each post to correct the numbering discrepancy I am pleased to announce we are back on track.  But I'm not here to bitch about my blogging woes, I'm here to give you something pleasing.  Give Aston "Family Man" Barrett's "Pleasing Dub" a listen and you will see that I have indeed fit that bill!  You all know "Fams" as the Wailers legendary bassist but you probably didn't know that he did a lot of wicked stuff away from Bob and crew.  Take for instance today's tune, which comes from the sweet 1999 Heartbeat CD compilation called Family Man In Dub, just pure niceness.

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