Thursday, September 08, 2016

R.I.P. Prince Buster (1938-2016)

Saddened to hear of the passing of the great Prince Buster... one of Jamaica's all-time greatest talents and a man whose contributions will be forever appreciated and loved.  And while it would be impossible to properly pay tribute to him and all he has done in his lifetime, it's the song "Enjoy Yourself" which has touched my life the most... this may not be the rarest Prince Buster tune because almost everyone has heard it in some capacity but it's a piece of wisdom that we all should heed.  I never cease to get a tear in my eye or a lump in my throat while attempting to sing-along with "Enjoy Yourself" because as you and I know, life is too damn short and you need to live it fully while you can.  Thank you Prince Buster.

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