Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm Back To Help You Beat The Mid-Winter Blues

In the midst of some crappy, cold-ass winter weather last night I got to thinking... what I could use right now is a vacation! I want to leave this snow, freezing rain and treacherous driving shit and go somewhere nice and warm. I want to sit somewhere beneath a palm tree and look at clear blue skies speckled with happy flying birds. I want to feel the temporary sting of hot sand on my feet and quick relief in the form of a dip in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. I want to go to Jamaica damnit! I don't care if my trip would involve sitting in a sweltering airport in Montego Bay for 2 days, at least it would be better than being snowed in in Chicago. I just want this winter to hurry up and get the hell out of here! I sometimes wonder if man was meant to live in this sub-zero climate and frankly I'd have to say no. Give me 85 and sunny everyday and I wouldn't complain.

Well, where am I going with this rambling you ask? Well I'll tell you. I've decided to get the blog rolling again by giving all of those in the same bad weather boat I'm in, a taste of the tropics. Those who are living in warmer climates are not invited along for this little trip so don't even think about trying to buy a ticket!! (Okay I'm kidding there - everyone is welcome to come along!!) We're gonna take a little cruise to my favorite island in the Caribbean and I'm sure everyone knows which one I'm talking about! Here it is, in my first post for 2007, a mix of songs following the Jamaica theme... perfect for lightening your shitty winter burden.

Now this mix is all over the place - there are some Mento tunes at the top, some ska, a couple reggae tracks and of course a nice sampling of some rub-a-dub/early dancehall. Now toss aside the snow shovel, take off a few layers of clothing, pour yourself a nice Jamaican rum or beverage of choice and get ready to take a cruise to warm weather bliss...

Welcome aboard!

The Jolly Boys – Take Me Back To Jamaica
Charlie Binger & His Quartet – Jamaica Is The Place To Go
Jamaican Calypsonians – Jamaica Gal
Keith Lyn & Ken Lazarus – Jamaica Ska
Basil Gabbidon – Jamaica Is Mine
Lord Tanamo – A Dash Of Sunshine
The Itals – Jamaican Style
The Techniques – Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)
The Maytones – Jamaica
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Smile Jamaica
Louie Lepkie – Jamaica A Fi Wi Country
Yellowman – Jamaica Nice
Brigadier Jerry – Jamaica Jamaica