Monday, January 10, 2011

Dub Along 2011 - Part 1

A couple years back I started this thing called Version Excursion where I took the b-sides from Volcano/Jah Guidance or Arrival 45's and put them together in a mix... I've decided to take the project one step further. A few weeks back I was going through a stack of records that I bought this summer and was going through the effort of ripping the flip-side versions into MP3s so that I could listen to them in the car on my ipod. I threw on the version of an awesome tune by the "sing-jay" Simple Simon and got inspired to do what it available below...

A little incorporation of vocals and a lot of effects and trickery on the Garageband program and I came up with something that sounded pretty damn sweet, if I do say so myself. Here is what you're going to hear, if you should choose to download this little mix...

1. Ranking Dread- Poor Man Story - Live & Love 12"
2. Barry Brown - Not So Lucky - Black Roots 7"
3. Simple Simon - Foreign Mind - Rosie Uprising 7"
4. Anthony Johnson - Strictly Rub-a-Dub - Midnight Rock 7"
5. Jah Mikes - Jacket & Tie - Jah Mikes 7"
6. Cornell Campbell - Devil In Bed - Lee's Gold 10" these aren't the vocal version, they're the instrumental versions. They have been spiced-up to include some of the vocals but I think the music speaks for itself.

This is the first in a series, that I promise to keep up with this time. Junjo productions will also make their appearances but I'm mixing it up and digging deep into the stacks to come up with some really bad-ass stuff. Hope you enjoy it!

Leave me a message about what you think... is this project worth continuing or is this a colossal waste of time?

Dub Along 2011 - Part 1