Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Friday the 13th - Ghost Dance

Check this out!  A fictitious Ghost Dance flyer!  Thanks Mark!  A little duppy stuff for a November!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Power House Megamix Part 1

Okay my friends, here's how we're gonna do this... I keep adding to the list of songs I want to include in this tribute to George Phang's Power House so I'm splitting it into two parts, perhaps three depending on the response.  I sometimes forget how much I love the Power House productions from this era and the sound that Sly & Robbie had, just verging on the digital, in the early 80s, just makes them absolutely classic!

I have wanted to do this mix for years but the problem was in the pressings so to speak... you see I have a ton of Power House vinyl and unfortunately most are plagued with poor, weak, scratchy or unusable sound and mixing them together and riding the levels would have been an absolute nightmare.  But five years ago VP Records stepped in and released 4, 2 CD sets that conveniently lumped the songs together by riddim but... more importantly they did something I had been hoping that someone would do for years - they restored the fidelity and quality of these classic dancehall tunes!  So a major belated hats-off to VP for their preservation efforts!

So let's get to the music... here's what you're going to hear!

1.  Freddie McGregor - Don't Hurt My Feelings
2.  Frankie Paul - FP Love
3.  Peter Metro - Hackle The Mike
4.  Johnny Osbourne - Mission
5.  Sugar Minott - Buy Out The Bar
6.  Leroy Smart - She Loves Me
7.  Little John - What A Bubbling
8.  Frankie Jones - Haul & Galong
9.  Leroy Smart - Bank Account
10.  Yellowman - Reggae Get The Grammy
11.  Josey Wales - Josey Ready
12.  Little John - Hey Lady
13.  Sugar Minott - Can't Get We Out
14.  Yellowman - Beat It
15.  Tenor Saw - If You Only Know
16.  Charlie Chaplin - Now A Days
17.  Michael Prophet - Appetizing
18.  Toyan - Cumina
19.  Toyan - DJ Crowd
20.  Barrington Levy - Money Move
21.  Frankie Paul - Tidal Wave

Monday, November 04, 2013

Coming Soon!

In an effort to revive Distinctly Jamaican Sounds as more than just a Halloween and Christmas music sharing site, I have decided to rekindle my love of blogging about Jamaican music on a more regular basis!  My first foray into getting this baby rollin' again will be a mix that is long-since overdue - my George Phang/Power House Megamix!  I started working on it this weekend and anticipate that it will be up and running later this week - there are a lot of great songs and riddims I want to touch on so it's a lot more involved than I originally anticipated!  So stay tuned - it should be a pretty cool mix!