Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Seven Inches Of Christmas Joy - The Jamaican Christmas Mix 2012


 1.  Little John - Save A Little For Christmas - Junjo 7"
2.  Roman Stewart - Christmas Affair - Well Charge 7"
3.  Jah Walton - DJ Christmas - Black & White 7"
4.  Don Cornel & The Eternals - Christmas Joy - Moodisc 7"
5.  Barry Brown - Christmas Christmas - Hitbound 7"
6.  Cocoa Tea - Christmas Is Coming - Arrival 7"
7.  Johnny Clarke - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Total Sounds 7"
8.  Verna Lee Powell - He Is My Santa Claus - Jama 7"
9.  Glen Adams - Xmas Rock - Gem 7"
10.  Trinity - Video Christmas - Thunder Bolt 7"
11.  Silent Choir - Silent Night - Magnet 7"
12.  Niyah & The Sunflakes - Merry Christmas - Sonet 7"
13.  Glen Adams - Joyful Tidings - Clocktower 7"
14.  Mutabaruka - Postpone Christmas - High Times 7"
15.  Tippa Lee, Nardo Ranks, Half Pint & David Brevett - Dedicated To Santa - Studio One 7"
16.  Nigger Kojak - Christmas Style - Joe Gibbs 7"
17.  Norman T. Washington - It's Christmas Time Again - Gas 7"
18.  Owen Gray - Collins Greetings - Collins Downbeat 7"
19.  Cedric Bravo w/Rico & The Four Stars - Merry Christmas - Ska Beat 7"
20.  Leon Danger & Mr. Culture - This Christmas - Hillsman 7"    

Once again I want to thank my friend Roger Wilkerson for putting together the cover art... I gave him an idea and he ran with it!  Thanks Roger!

It looks like the upload server I used is being a pain in the ass so here's a Zippyshare link for those who have been trying to download the mix - Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A 2012 Christmas Gift To You!

Something has been missing... I couldn't figure
it out at first but I was thinking about a yearly
tradition that I had abandoned this year and things just didn't feel right.  So, with love in my heart and the intention to provide some Christmas joy for the multitude of people who have expressed their love and appreciation for the Christmas Mixes over the years, I have put together another one.  

Now don't expect to be hearing 25 brand spanking new tracks because I made it clear last year that I had exhausted my efforts to find more Jamaican Christmas music for additional mixes so what I did is the next best thing... I have taken 20 of my favorite Christmas 7" records, mixed them together and threw a bow on it and there you have it... Seven Inches Of Christmas Joy... yeah, I know it sounds a little risque but I promise you nothing inappropriate, it's only the title.  

During the holiday season you hear these horror stories of someone's Aunt Edna repackaging the gift you gave her last year and someone getting their feelings hurt, etc. but this repackaged gift from me to you is shame-free and an hour of unadulterated Jamaican Christmas fun!

I'll post the mix tomorrow, I've got a bunch of things to get done before work today and I'm running out of time... stay tuned!!