Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's 90 Degrees and It's the End of September... Who's Ready for Jamaican Halloween 2007?!

The Weather isn't exactly cooperating with setting the proper Autumnal mood for Halloween which is a little more than a month away, and though I'm not complaining it's nonetheless time for the 2007 Jamaican Halloween Mix... For those of us who are new to Distinctly Jamaican Sounds the Halloween mix is when I take a bunch of Jamaican tunes from all eras dealing with supernatural or scary themes, blend them up and spit 'em back out complete with creepy/spooky aural enhancements courtesy of vintage sound effects records, horror movie trailers and whatever else works.

Just like last Halloween, I'll not be posting the complete mix in one big lump. I will finish the mix this weekend, chop it into individual tracks and then post them one a day throughout the month. When each tune is placed together in order on a CDR or on your Ipod they'll make a complete Jamaican Halloween Mix. Each track will definitely stand alone but will be that much more enjoyable when assembled in order with all of the others. Be sure to collect them all!
First track coming soon... stay tuned!


Fyah I said...

looking forward to it!

CrocodileChuck said...

just a note to say what a cool site you have-I too got into Jamaica in a BIG way 20 years ago(lived/worked there for 9 months). Will be back to download some of the great stuff I've spied here. Have been to Ian Fleming's place on the North Coast; also, props to Samuel Clemens (I'm from St Louis, though a resident/citizen now of Australia-where I went from Kingston in '87). Thanks again!!