Monday, December 03, 2007

Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix 2007 - Part 1

Here we go again... it's Christmas time and the goose is getting fat and all that jazz. Now it's time to get ready for some festive Jamaican Christmas tunes to liven up your Yuletide season! If you were here last December you'll know what to expect and if you're new I think you'll enjoy what I've put together for you. 10 songs today, 25 in total, that'll add some Caribbean spice to the bland diet of tired holiday tunes that we get force fed every year once December rolls around. I could go on and complain about how the retailers throw Christmas in our faces sooner and sooner each year but I won't... I'm keeping it festive!

So without further ado let's get to the Distinctly Jamaican Sounds Christmas Mix 2007!

We start off this year's festivities with Jacob Miller, not to be confused with Dickens' Jacob Marley, proclaiming his one wish to Santa Claus. I'm not going to tell you what that is but if you know Miller you've probably already guessed. The song is called appropriately, "All I Want For Ismas," and comes from the best reggae Christmas album ever produced Natty Christmas.

We follow that up with Horace Andy and his tune "Christmas Time" which comes to us from a various artists compilation called A Jamaican Christmas.

The third tune is a "mash-up" of sorts - the Aggrovators dub version of Johnny Clarke's "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" combined with an early 1960's kiddie record adaptation of the no budget "holiday classic" film Santa Claus Conquers The Martians. I put this together last year and was able to condense the entire 20 minute read-along story into the 3:00 dub track. Definitely wacky but I think you'll dig it.

The fourth track is courtesy of the Kingstonians, a song from 1967 called "Merry Christmas" and taken from the essential Trojan Christmas Box Set - it's a good one.

Following that up we take a turn for the digital and hear a King Jammy's produced tune from Cocoa Tea on the Kuff riddim called, "Please Come For Christmas." This one come from the album Christmas Party from 1989 on the Jammys Records label.

, of all people, follows up Cocoa Tea's pleasant musings with a "grinchy" reality check. His tune is called "Postpone Christmas" and comes from the 1985 various artists album High Times All-Star Explosion on the High Times label. I have been looking for this song for years and thanks to the miracle of the internet I was finally able to track it down at the end of October! The song is not thematically keeping with the rest of the tunes but I think Muta's perspective helps make this mix a little more well-rounded.

Taking a trip to Studio One for the next tune... Brent Dowe gives us "Christmas In Jamaica" from the excellent 1992 CD compilation Reggae Christmas From Studio One on the Heartbeat label.

Up next is a single from 1976 on the Wild Flowers label from the man named Steve Golding and it's called "Strictly Rock Christmas." Golding wasn't known for his vocals but more for his work behind the scenes in the late 70's and throughout the 8o's by providing guitar work for albums by Rita Marley and Peter Tosh, to name a couple.

The ninth song in this mix is by Kashief Lindo and though it's more modern than most the stuff you'll hear on the blog, it's a great rendition of a beautiful song originally recorded by Stevie Wonder in 1967 called "Someday At Christmas." This song always brings tears to my eyes no matter who is singing it and Lindo's take doesn't disappoint. It comes from a 2005 various artists set called The Reggae Christmas Collection on the Pulse label.

Finally the last track, in this part of the mix that is, is a ska tune from 1963 by Frank Cosmo called simply "Merry Christmas." It is also available on the aforementioned Trojan set.

Give part 1 a listen and let me know what you think! Part 2 will follow next week!

Distinctly Jamaican Sound Christmas Mix 2007 Part 1

700 downloads so far and only 6 comments? Come on people show some love... leave a thank you at least.


Ant said...

Very, very awesome. Can't wait to hear Part 2.

stubbysfears said...

Glad to see you're still here, Reggaexx, and I do apologize that I'm only a Christmas music guy so I wasn't here to support you all year.

Don't go anywhere. I'll be back for more "Distinctly Jamaican Christmas Sounds."

Trustar said...

Hey Reggaexx!

Good to see you back with more jammin' Christmas tunes for all of us to enjoy.

The efforts are appreciated, my friend.

We will be waiting for part II with baited breath.


Ernie said...

I'm diggin', I'm diggin'!

johnny dollar said...

irie xmas bro :D

trowfaz said...

Hey Reggaexx - another superb effort, I've been listening to it for a week and loving it. Nice work with the mixes, great songs that I've never heard with really cool transitions that you created. see you just posted part2 and I can't wait to hear it. I found you through last year, and played the hell out of your 2006 mixes, and copied them for a bunch of appreciative friends. Glad to have some fresh mixes for 2007.
Keep up the good work, buddy!


Pastor Chalice I said...

Hail Mi Bredda!,
Thanks for making the holidays alot better for I. Being Rastafari we dont really get into these holidays but the music really does make the holidays better when you have to spend the whole day with your boring distant family. I tried to tell them I didnt want to be a part of the Babylon Thanksgiving but they made me anyway so I took along the thanksgiving mix and put it straight to their heads! It was a bunch of smiles and uneasy looks, but it really embodied the thanksgiving morals. And the Christmas mixes are no different in that they up hold the fullness of Iyah Ites! Keep the boomshots coming in strong mi bredda and May Jah Rastafari-Haile Selassie I send Blessings to you and your whole family as he sends waters to the seas.
Rastafari Guide and Bless,
Pastor Chalice I

i love christmas music said...

haha. i've added you to my Holiday Mix roundup. You're the only one with a jamaican/carribean themed mix.

go to :

(scroll to the bottom or navigate thru the archives)

Copycat said...

Nice one, mate. Happy x-mas! Cheers. /Cc

Anonymous said...

awesome! great cd! thanks a bunch!

bewu said...

Great many thanks from Poland. Can't wait to hear the remaining installments.

Christafari said...

I only just came across your excellent blog a few weeks ago, through your superb Halloween mixes (gonna be a REAL struggle to keep on-topic here!) - but your Christmas mix this year really starts where last years' left off: some stunning selections - I'm increasingly impressed with whole rafts of Christmas reggae (and ska!) gems I didn't even know existed.

The lamentable ratio of feedback to downloads totally bewilders me, though. If just compiling mixes like this is a labour of love, posting them for people to share is a real act of openheartedness (and totally in keeping with the spirit at the heart of reggae music).

That so many should just suck 'em up without a word of thanks renders the 'online community' a total farce. For shame!

Please excuse the rant - and I'm pleased to see that there ARE some good people out there who appreciate the extraordinarily great stuff you do. Sincerest thanks - and a great Christmas to you and your family.

B III said...

Right on! Thanks so much. I found the 2006 mix on Thanksgiving and have been spinning it ever since (the Yellowman "tell me where is Santa Claus" over the ramjam riddim is my favorite for sure). I was hoping for a 2007 addition.

Merry Xmas to you!


Reggaexx said...

Thanks everyone for the comments - I'm glad to hear the mix has been so well received!

john y? said...

cheers and beers!

Anonymous said...

Nice mix. Keep up the good work, I know it's hard.

Propa Bless said...

I come and check ya spot to see what a gwaan inna di music world. large Up!

David-Kingsighter of Africa said...

I wish i had access to this scientifically energised music the Jamaicans themselves invented! who will ever appreciate such great works! in prayer, love, struggle, perseverence, oppression, eeiiissshh all the time rhythm.Good Heavens, bless di Jamaicans dem!

umanu said...

greetings from france
really good christmas mix series