Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Survived The Rapture And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

Holy shit! It's past 6:00 and nothing has changed! The world didn't come to an end, it's still relatively early on a Saturday night, I've got a Sunday tomorrow; life couldn't be sweeter!

I threw together a quick mix of tunes to celebrate the fact that we've survived! I would have added more but I got some livin' to do!!! ;)

I'm anxiously waiting for Harold Camping to explain what happened... shit, this guy is now 0 for 2 in Rapture predictions! Oh well, I guess if April 21, 2011 didn't get ya, you still have 2012 to prepare yourself for.

Well anyway... let's get on with the music so I can get on with living - I've got a pizza and some ice cold beverages calling my name!

What you're gonna hear...

1. Alton Ellis - Sunday Coming - Sunday Coming CD - Heartbeat (1995)
2. Ken Boothe - Tomorrow - Ride Me Donkey LP - Studio One (1968)
3. Dr. Alimantado - Still Alive - Sons Of Thunder LP - Greensleeves (1981)
4. Sam Carty - I Don't Mind - Black Arkives CD - Justice League (?)
5. Martha Velez - Bend Down Low - Escape From Babylon LP - Sire (1976)
6. The Itals - False Preachers - Early Recordings CD - Nighthawk (1987)
7. Frankie Jones - Living The Life You Love - Rootsman Connection CD - Jamaican Recordings (2008)
8. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Wake Up And Live - Survival LP - Island (1979)
9. Macka B - False Preacher - We've Had Enough CD - Ariwa (1987)
10. Early B - Sunday Dish - Midnight Rock 7" (1985)
11. Spanner Banner - Life Goes On - Jamaica Go-Go LP - Mango (1991)
12. Tony Rebel - Celebrate Life - If Jah CD - VP (1997)
13. The Gladiators - Happy Man - Bongo Red CD - Heartbeat (1998)
14. Gregory Isaacs - Smile - Mr. Isaacs CD - Blood & Fire (2001)
15. The Heptones - Party Time - Best Of Studio One CD - Heartbeat (2006)



pcoristi said...

Awesome! Enjoyed the Doomsday Mix, btw.

God said...

I can't believe Camping fell for it again ... I pulled the same thing on Harold back in '94

BTW, thanks for the tunage ... now go to church and ask for forgiveness ... you know why

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Thanks for the comments! Now God, tell me... which church should I be going to on Sunday? I don't want to pick the wrong religion and piss you off or anything!

God said...

You must choose, but choose wisely ... unless you believe in the multiple paths up the mountain stuff ... is that what you believe? ... actually, I know what you believe but I've got to get you to say it ... it's a legal thing the lawyers insist on ... I should never have created those bloodsucking bastards ... they've been a pain in my side since they got Eden rezoned as mixed commercial.

Satan said...

Scientology ... pick Scientology ... that's the one true choice ... trust me, would I lie to you?

Raggedy said...

I'd say the only true religion is a kind of non-religious faith in something higher than we all ...
Until I've figured out who/what that is, I'll stick to music, love and peace.
I enjoy listening to this mix, John! Great stuff.