Thursday, July 21, 2011

An open letter to the good readers of Distinctly Jamaican Sounds!

With Jamaica's Independence Day less than a couple weeks away my girlfriend and I decided to throw our 2nd annual JA Independence Day Party... now I had already been planning on doing the usual Jamaican food and drink but I decided to do one better and pulled together my resources to set up the turntables and mixer on the back deck, with amplification and speakers of course, here in the semi-quiet suburbs of rural Maryland, to give the guests and the neighbors something to remember. I conferred with my long-time friend Nick and he was more than psyched to load up his vinyl and play a few sets as well - hence, Suburban Hi-Fi was born. Now I have no intentions to be battling David Rodigan or Mighty Crown - I just wanted to start something here in my own backyard that hopefully will become a regular event...

Why Suburban Hi-Fi you ask? Now, being that I'm a suburban guy who has spent his entire life not more than 5 miles from where I was born and where I grew up, I decided to embrace the stereotypical imagery one conjures of the suburbs and not put on fronts that I'm a tough urban guy who knows his way around a ratchet or a 45 Magnum... now that doesn't mean I'm gonna go soft on the music though! You're still going to hear the same bad-ass stuff you expect from Distinctly Jamaican Sounds but with the smiling face of a 50s era "everyman" as my persona - I am first and foremost a fan of Jamaican music and regardless of where I live, it's my one true passion!

When I started D.J.S. seven years ago I had every intention of creating a blog that showcased Jamaican music and presented it to the seasoned, casual and even uninformed listener without the stereotypes... as my Halloween mixes attest, I am quite the fan of the odd juxtaposition and Suburban Hi-Fi is just another way of attaining that goal.

When I wrote the obituary for this blog in November of 2009 I said, "I wanted to show to everyone that Jamaican music is not all the same sounding, one-sided music only discussing topics of oppression and struggle that only appeals to a select few. It is a vibrant well-rounded complex musical genre capable of discussing anything and everything!" Now, aside from the fact that the rumors of Distinctly Jamaican Sounds' demise being greatly exaggerated, this is still how I feel and in case you haven't noticed I have recently rediscovered my enthusiasm about blogging and remembered why I started this thing to begin with... it's all about sharing the vibes and exposing others to a music that has been with me for most of my life and has provided me with joy, comfort, wisdom and a deep profound happiness... and for that I am forever grateful and I will continue to spread the good vibes to anyone who has an interest in listening.

One Love!


Raggedy said...

Amen to that!

deepbeep said...

I am grateful for Distinctly Jamaican Sounds. I used to think I was an expert in Jamaican music, but now my eyes have been opened to what a truly diverse and bountiful genre it is. I listen to your mixes nearly every day, and also put them on at parties. I'm looking forward to some sweet Suburban Hi-Fi sets!

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived in your neighborhood, bredda! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts to share this great music. It is well-appreciated.

Anonymous said...

glad you are re-energized. you have a wonderful perspective.

Anonymous said...

Nice one John, the attack of the ginger ming continues , we now have senior police officer from yorkshire taking bribes, but cameron the cuurent half baked leader still coming clean !!!

All a bunch of criminals in my view.

Anyway one love from moni fee and pace