Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Day 192 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - The Pioneers - Give Me A Little Loving

Brothers Sydney and Derrick Crooks and Winston Hewitt formed the Pioneers in 1962.  Their first recordings were self-produced at Treasure Isle and made their way onto vinyl on Ken Lack's Caltone label.  Unfortunately the songs and a few other they had cut were not successful and by 1966 Hewitt had left the group and emigrated to the United States.  The Crooks Brothers replaced him with former Heptone Glen Adams but even that didn't improve things and by 1967 the Pioneers had disbanded; Sydney taking a job as a concert promoter and brother Derrick getting a gig with the Alcoa Bauxite Company.  A year later while Sydney Crooks was working at Joe Gibbs' record shop he got a chance to get back into the studio and since the other members had gone their separate ways he "recruited" a young singer by the name of Jackie Robinson mere moments before he was due to step into the studio.  Today's track "Give Me A Little Loving" was recorded in that first session and released on Gibbs' Amalgamated label and it is an absolute scorcher!


Séb said...

Love It! Thanks!

Séb said...

Love It even the riddim is a bit too fast?!