Friday, April 28, 2006

By Request... 3 Rockers International Singles

In response to a request I’m sharing 3 Augustus Pablo produced singles on the Rockers International label that I picked up at an Eek A Mouse show, of all places, some time in 1994. Is it me or does anyone else out there remember clearly where they found nearly every record in their collection? But I digress… now these aren’t from the rockers era, the Jacob Miller re-press may be the only one close to that period, but they do represent some of the work that Pablo continued to do all the way through 90’s and until his untimely death in 1999. Now I don’t claim to be an expert or well versed in Augustus Pablo’s music and productions so check out the excellent Augustus Pablo Discography page for all the additional information you’re looking for that I’m unable to provide. I've also included the versions for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Check out the press on that one! As you can imagine the MP3 had to be edited, I don't think anyone wanted to listen to the label.

Rockers International 7"


head honcho said...

thanks a lot!

Something different now,
Are you interested in a bootleg tape from brigadier Jerry and Jack Ruby's soundsystem ( st. Ann's bay ,1981 )

It's wide spread on the internet, so I don't know If you allready own it.

let me know if I should upload it.

Reggaexx said...

Head Honcho - I don't have it and I'd love to hear it! Upload please!

head honcho said...

here's that bootleg tape I was talking about:

part 1:

part 2:

and thanks for your info regarding lady Ann.

Kazeiro said...

Nice blog man!

Do you got Peter Tosh - One Love Peace Concert? I'm really looking for that one

bubbly ranking said...

I love your blog. Excellent reading and fantastic music. I'm also glad you focus on the »right« period of JA music!

Reggaexx said...

I'm always happy to hear that people are enjoying what I've been doing with my blog. Kazeiro I've got Peter at the One Love Peace Concert and since you asked so nicely, I'm sharing it in my latest post above. I'm always more than happy to fill requests! Bubbly - thanks for the feedback - glad you're digging it!