Sunday, April 02, 2006

Scratchin' For A Guinness

I was forwarded the link to some mpeg files from a Guinness ad campaign that featured Lee "Scratch" Perry hawking his favorite stout, all the way back in 2001! I know if I was in charge of advertising over there at ol' St. James' Gate I would never have drawn a correlation between the two or even contemplated putting the Upsetter in the role of a pitchman but, the results are incredible! Thanks to Smokeyroom.Net for making them available. Check 'em out!


king Ed said...


that track from I roy and prince jazzbo can be found in the comments of my blog. Just to let you know.
Somebody uploaded it.

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Thanks for the head's up HH - I've got it!

i said...

those ads are awesome! i hate most advertising with a passion, but those are pretty brilliant. surprised i've never seen them before... good find!

Hearwax said...

He He, I was wondering why I was so fond of the black stuff.
If it's endorsed by Scratch it's good enough for me.
Nice share!

Vitriolix said...

haha, classic

Caesar Tjalbo said...

LMAO!! Seems so logical to send the man to Dublin!