Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Junjo Lawes Discography

No music today but I wanted to share my new blog still under constuction. Compiling and collecting Junjo's output on the three labels most associated with the late great producer - Volcano, Arrival and Jah Guidance - has been a labor of love for me for the last 10 years. Most of the singles, except those with an asterisk, are proudly sitting on my record shelf and I can guarantee that I've searched long and hard for all of them. Most were purchased before their popularity and prices skyrocketed - many at around $3.00 to $4.00 each - but those days are long since over. I know Ernie B's has got a couple Volcano 12" that he's asking over $100 for and being on a meager income they won't be a part of my collection anytime soon. At least until I hit the lottery which I've been planning on doing for quite some time now! But enough about that...

What I'm planning on doing with the Junjo Lawes Discography blog is presenting a resource that hopefully those who are interested in this lively stage of Jamaican music will find informative. But information isn't the only purpose for the new blog, I will occassionally up a single or two as well as share some Volcano live tapes (that I need to rip from cassette) and every once in a while even a Junjo produced album that time may have forgotten.

As you can see I've been scanning labels, a couple a day, and posting them alongside the mentioned tracks. I'm also adding matrix numbers when I scan each disc and in a perfect world I'd be ripping them to MP3 but I still can't afford a USB turntable... I need to rip them the old-fashioned time consuming way.

But take a look around, I know with such a gap in graphics associated with so many of the records it isn't really much fun to look at, and tell me what you think. And of course any contributions of information to make the discography even more complete and thorough would be greatly appreciated!

More music coming here later this week... I still need to edit the Clarendonians LP so I can share that!


Downpressor said...

Great list! Considering the relationship between this data and the "Scientist vs Greensleeves" thing, what would be interesting is to find out who now owns the rights to these songs.

Also I noticed that the first label in the list mostly credited the Roots Radics, while the Volcano list credited Junjo & The Volcano All Stars. Any info on who these All Stars were?

bubbly ranking said...

They were probably the roots radics.

The list is fantastic. But I'd appreciate it even more if it was a specific page with a likkle better layout and such. Still great though!