Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ahh...A Family Size Spring Mix!

It looks as if winter is loosening its grip and things are starting to look a little more agreeable weather-wise. Temperatures are starting to hover above freezing and to celebrate the demise of this shitty season I've put together a little Spring Mix for your listening pleasure... and no it's not of the salad variety as the photo would suggest. Nothing spectacular or fancy just a bunch of songs that have been in heavy rotation that are helping me get me out of the winter doldrums.

I've also got a tribute to Joe Gibbs in the works and will be coming soon but hey, I needed to get back on Garageband and get some of the rust off first. I should get my Gibbs tribute in the can, so to speak, by this time next week but until then I hope you give my little spring mix a listen... maybe it'll give you a late winter lift as well. I really need to address my seasonal depression or win the lottery and start taking extended mid-winter tropical vacations, but until that happens I've always found listening to good ol' Jamaican music can really lift your spirits!

1. Ernie Smith - Nice Time
2. Horace Andy - Happiness
3. Beres Hammond - Smile
4. Alton Ellis - Why Birds Follow Spring
5. Eric Donaldson - Happy Man
6. The Clarendonians - Sunshine
7. Derrick Harriott - Laugh It Off
8. King Stitt - Jump For Joy
9. Sound Dimension - Full Up
10. Roy Shirley - I Like Your Smile
11. Bob Andy - My Time
12. Jackie Mittoo - Spring Time

Pour on the dressing, I prefer raspberry vinaigrette... and give it a play! Enjoy!

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johnny dollar said...

nice, thanks :D