Thursday, March 27, 2008

Coming Soon - Springline Jamaica's 1st Anniversary

I don't know if you've checked it out yet but I was turned on to the Live 365 "station" Springline Jamaica a couple months back and I can't get enough! If you haven't given them a listen yet then shame on you... wicked selections and more importantly some good people who do it only because they want to share their love for Jamaican music.

Coming up at the end of April they're celebrating their first anniversary of broadcasting - click here to give the official cyberflyer a look and listen - and they've asked me to put together a couple 45 minute sets that will be aired during their 12 hour non-stop marathon. I of course was honored and delighted to be asked to be a part of the festivities! My sets will highlight and retrace some of the steps I've taken here on Distinctly Jamaican Sounds including a short taste of the Halloween mixes and even some Christmas tunes. And get this... you'll actually be able to hear my voice. Not like that's anything exciting and considering I personally can't stand the sound of my own voice when I hear it played back but it's a first for me. I haven't done any "radio" DJing in nearly 10 years and it has taken me a while to feel comfortable behind a mic again. I'll keep you posted as the celebration draws nearer.


Waskrijt said...

good luck!
and thanks for the recent mixes.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool! Thanks!

Tomlin Ellis said...

I droped you a comment on Dub Poetry. Did you get it? Tomlin Ellis?

Reggaexx said...

Tomlin - I did respond to your comment in the Dub Poetry post... I just want to tell you how honored I am to have an artist featured in one of my mixes sending me some feedback... Nuff respect!