Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whole Heap A Sugar Down Deh!

I think Homer Simpson said it best in a sleep deprived stupor... "In America, first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women." :)

Nothing too groundbreaking here today just a bunch of songs following a sugary theme... I don't even know what inspired me to put this one together... I think a lot of it has to do with wanting to put this new Virtual DJ program to use. Unlike Garageband where you have a chance to fiddle with the music and effects you actually mix in real time... Regardless of my motives, this turned out to be a pretty fun mix and I hope you'll give it a listen.

As far as the music goes... it's all over the place with no real rhyme or reason behind the order of the playlist. Some real bad-ass tunes in here... I hadn't played Michigan & Smiley's Sugar Daddy in years!

What you're gonna hear...

1. I Roy - Sugar Candy - Dubbing With The Royals - Pressure Sounds LP
2. Danny Dread - Reggae Music A Lemon Popsicle - Jwyanza 7"
3. Ranking Joe - Sugar - Round The World - Nationwide LP
4. Heptones - Sweet Talkin' - Nightfood - Mango CD
5. The Soul Brothers - Sugar Cane - Studio One LP
6. Roy Shirley - A Sugar - Music Is The Key - Trojan CD
7. Dandy Livingstone - Every Day Gets A Little Bit Sweeter - Conscious - Mooncrest LP
8. Winston Williams - Sweet Like Candy - Trojan Rare Grooves - Trojan CD Boxset
9. Ken Parker - Sugar Dumplin' - Groovin' In Style (Best Of) - Trojan CD
10. Michigan & Smiley - Sugar Daddy - Sugar Daddy - RAS Records LP
11. Leroy Smart - Sugar In My Coffee - Let Everyman Survive - Jamaica Gold CD
12. Johnny Osbourne - No Lollipop No Sweet So - Fally Lover - Greensleeves LP
13. Cocoa Tea - Sweet Coco Tea - Crystal 12"
14. Big Youth - Sugar Sugar - Natty Universal Dread - Blood & Fire CD
15. Prince Hammer - Whole Lot Of Sugar - Dubble Attack - Greensleeves LP
16. Michael Prophet - Sweet Loving - Michael Prophet - Greensleeves LP
17. Toyan - Ice Cream - Murder - Vista LP
18. Zap Pow - Sugar Pop - Jungle Beat - Lagoon CD
19. Well Pleased And Satisfied - Sweetie Come From America - Club Paradise - Columbia LP
20. I Roy - Hot Chocolate - Many Mood Of I Roy - Trojan LP

Grab yourself some sugar!!


sut said...

Nice. I know there's loads to choose from but here's a few more good 'uns...

Jumbo Sterling - My Sugar & Sweet (from "Best Of Sioux Label; Heavy Reggae From 1971-72"

The Upsetters/Congos - Noah Sugar Pan (from 'Heart Of The Congos' and various other Lee Perry/Upsetters Collections)

Bobby Aitken & The Carribeats - Sweets For My Sweet (from "I'm The Winner: 24 Killing Rocksteady Shots")

Andy Capp - Sugar Panty (from "Trojan 35th Anniversary Box Set")

Oh! and anything by Mr. Minott :)

Muddy said...

Thanks for sharing this. Your mixes are helping me to go from being a casual reggae listener towards afficionado status. Bless the internet, while it lasts.