Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fruits & Veggies... a mix for a Thursday

Two posts in two consecutive days?! What the hell has gotten into me?! Suddenly I've got this urge to compile theme mixes and just like yesterday, following no rhyme or reason. Today I've got one devoted to produce. Yes, you've read that correct... produce; fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of Jamaican songs that deal with cooked food but I just have the intention of exploring the fresh food stalls here at the market.

We start off today's trip to the market with an intro from the late great Louise "Ms. Lou" Bennett and the classic "Linstead Market," from there... it's gonna be a flavorful excursion into Jamaican music just perfect for a Thursday afternoon. Come with an empty stomach because when you're done with this mix you're gonna be stuffed!

What you're gonna hear...

1. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - Green Mango - Top Secret CD - Beatville
2. Dennis Brown - Little Green Apples - Stagecoach Showcase LP - Yvonne's
3. Junior Byles - Lorna Banana - Every Mouth Must Be Fed CD - Pressure Sounds
4. Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Banana Export - Two Bad DJ LP - Greensleeves
5. Horace Martin - Watermelon Man - Watermelon Man LP - Mister Tipsy
6. Willie Francis - Ripe Soursop - Little Willie Records 7"
7. ? - Juicy Fruit - ? - found this one on my harddrive don't know where it came from.
8. Peter Metro - Vegetable Dish - Want Some Money LP - Bebo's
9. G.G. Allstars - Peanut Baby - Man From Carolina LP - Trojan
10. J.J. Allstars - Mango Tree - Sir J.J. And Friends CD - Lagoon
11. Dennis Alcapone - Ripe Cherry - Guns Don't Argue CD - Trojan
12. Augustus Pablo - Cassava Piece - Original Rockers CD - Greensleeves
13. The Wailers - Guava Jelly - Songs Of Freedom CD - Island
14. Prince Jazzbo - Pepper Rock - Pepper Rock LP - Studio One
15. Roots Radics - Banana & Yam Skank - Dangerous Dub CD - Greensleeves
16. The Techniques - Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) - Queen Majesty CD - Trojan
17. Jah Lloyd - Piece A Banana - Final Judgement LP - Teem
18. Joe Gibbs - Lime Key Rock - African Dub All-Mighty LP - Joe Gibbs
19. Ringo - Coconut Woman - Volcano 7"
20. King Tubby - 91 Orange Street - Bring The Dub Come CD - Heartbeat



bunnyboy said...

How great are you for providing us with these nourishing mixes? Soooo Great!! Thanks, from me and my ears.

masterofceremonies said...

Yet again just killing it with these mixes. I'm a food journo and old school reggae fan and this is pretty much the finest combination of the two I could imagine.

It's more calypso than reggae, but George Symonette's "Don't Touch Me Tomato" is a favorite:

Waskrijt said...

finally listened to this mix last week and i love the diversity of it, even though its the same subject.


Anonymous said...

Ital food is a must!

Positively revived I structure with your supplements ...

Thanks doc!

Blessings & Greetings