Thursday, April 14, 2011

Transport Connection! A Massive Mix Inna Transportation Stylee!

Here I go again with yet another themed mix... this time I went with a theme that was presented to me by "Deepbeep," a regular Distinctly Jamaican Sounds reader and listener... originally he proposed putting together a mix of the countless reggae bus songs that are floating around but I decided to include all forms of transportation. Yeah, I've got some buses... and some trains, some planes, some automobiles, some motorcycles, a ship and even a bicycle for your listening pleasure.

This mix is massive at 33 songs and with a total playtime of and hour and forty-six minutes, you could throw this baby on your ipod and get in a decent roadtrip... or at least part of one.

Like the other random mixes I did last month, there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the order or placement of songs - I put them all in a playlist and hit shuffle and whatever order they pop-up is the order they play... so don't be surprised to hear an early reggae number next to a late-80's digital tune. I like the odd juxtaposition and I hope you do too.

Here's what you're gonna hear...

1. Stranger Cole & Tommy McCook - Last Flight To Reggae City - The Bunny Striker Lee Story - Jet Star CD
2. General Trees - Mini Bus - Black Scorpio 12"
3. The Jet Scene - Jet 747 - Trojan Rare Grooves Boxset - Trojan CD
4. Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train - Stop That Train - Greensleeves LP
5. Lynn Taitt & The Jets - Leaving On That Train - Hold Me Tight Anthology - Trojan CD
6. Don Carlos - At The Bus Stop - Day To Day Living - Greensleeves LP
7. Trinity - Natty Dread Travel On A Mini Bus - Strictly Rockers In A Dread Land - Live & Love LP
8. Johnnie Ringo - Morning Flight - Riding West - Jah Guidance LP
9. Lone Ranger - Hell Driver - Barnabas In Collins Wood - GG LP
10. Purpleman - Mini Van - Showdown Vol. 5 - Hitbound LP
11. Lloyd The Matador - The Train (Engine 54) - The Best Of The London Based Sioux Label - Jet Set CD
12. Welton Irie - Plane Flight - Ghettoman Corner - Pantomine LP
13. Barrington Levy - On The Telephone (Minibus) - Corner Stone 7"
14. Ansel Collins & The Observer - Inbound Train - Blood & Fire - Trojan CD
15. Soul Cats - Choo Choo Train - Gas Greatest Hits - Pama LP
16. Keith & Tex - Leaving On The Train - Stop That Train - Crystal LP
17. Yellowman - Night Flight - Jah Guidance 7"
18. Early B - Learn Fi Drive - King Jammy's At Channel One - Jamaican Recordings CD
19. Buro - Jolly Bus - Buro - CSA LP
20. Barrington Spence - Jah Jah Train - Speak Softly - Trojan LP
21. Michael Palmer - Bus Stop - Reggae For The Arena - Sonic CD
22. Lovindeer - De Blinkin' Bus - Best Of Lovindeer - TSOJ CD
23. Sister Nancy - Transport Connection - Techniques 7"
24. Well Pleased & Satisfied - Love Train - Love Train - Burning Rockers LP
25. The Revolutionaries - CB 200 Version - Maxfield Avenue Breakdown - Pressure Sounds LP
26. Jah Thomas - Bicycle Skank - Stop Yu Loafin - Greensleeves LP
27. Professor Nuts - In A De Bus - Professor Nuts - Pow Wow CD
28. Errol Scorcher - Jolly Bus Ting - Rastafire - Ballistic LP
29. Sly & Robbie - Unmetered Taxi - Taxi Fare - Heartbeat CD
30. Derrick Morgan - Reggae Train - Feel Good - Attack LP
31. Winston Wright - Flight 404 - GG's Reggae Hit Stable Vol. 1 - Jamaican Gold CD
32. Freddie McGregor - Big Ship - Big Ship - Greensleeves LP
33. Jacob Miller - Jolly Joseph - Chapter A Day - VP LP

Transport Connection


deepbeep said...

Wow, cool mix! Keep em coming! I love listening to your mixes when doing work, especially the rub-a-dub mixes.

There is a CD skip after the 61st minute, by the way...

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Glad you're enjoying the mixes! I was hoping no one would notice that "skip" - I don't know where the hell it came from! Jah Jah Train was taken from vinyl and neither the record or the MP3 file itself skips. I think the VirtualDJ program I used to make the mix must have glitched.