Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2011 - Track Thirteen - U.F.O.

I've been doing the Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular for six years and this is only the second "sci-fi track" that's made it into a mix! The last one was in 2008 when we heard Lone Ranger from his Barnabas In Collins Wood LP giving us an account of his thrilling encounter with some extraterrestrials... this time it's going to sound a little different.

Here is another wacky/moogy sounding track complete with a pretty heavy bass-line that has all the feel of a real-life UFO encounter... if you believe in that sorta thing. This one is "U.F.O." by Geoffrey Chang & All-Stars from 1972, produced by the legendary Harry J and appropriately enough pressed on the Harry J label.

I added some elements into the mix from the trailer to 1951's The Day The Earth Stood Still... which is without a doubt my favorite of all the atomic-era 50s Sci-Fi films. It's about a visitor from outer space who comes to warn mankind that if they can't live in peace they'll be destroyed - probably a message that was already clearly understood with the dawning of the Cold War. I love this film and make an effort to include it in my month-long Halloween film fest every year.

Also, I threw in a couple short clips from my second favorite 50s scary-monsters-from-outer-space film, Invaders From Mars from 1953. This one deals with a kid who witnesses the Martian invasion and can't get the adults to believe him due to the fact that most of the rationale adults in the town have already been brainwashed by the evil men from the Red Planet... a great film and another of my must-watch Sci-Fi thrillers!


Anonymous said...

It seems the link to this one leads to track 12, "Ten Commandments from the Devil."

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Oops, sorry about that... problem has been corrected.

Waskrijt said...

great tune, and do I notice some thougts about a SF-themed mix?

John AKA Reggaexx said...

A SF themed mix may be in the future, I'll see what I can dig up! :)