Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2013 - Track Eleven - Two Bad Duppy

When I was going through the playlists of the Spooktaculars from years past I was astonished that I hadn't used this one yet!  Kojak & Liza are finally here to serve up a ghostly groove with "Two Bad Duppy," lifted from their 1980 LP Showcase on the Gorgon label.  This is right up there with one of the coolest duppy tracks in my collection - a nice rub-a-dub ghost tale riding the same Hi Fashion riddim as yesterday's Graveyard Shift.  Of course like any self-respecting duppy tune it borrows the same call and response, "Man duppy laugh; ah hi... Woman duppy laugh; etc." famously used by Levi Williams in 1974 in his classic "Duppy Jamboree."    

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