Monday, October 20, 2014

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2014 - Track Fourteen - Mark Of The Beast

Peter Tosh, was described rather succinctly by the website The Talking Drum... "A champion of human rights, throughout his life Peter fought against the vampires and the duppies and all evil spirits, the spirits which Peter himself feared more than anything. Peter Tosh was a saint. Not a saint in the conventional, religious definition, but insofar as that he was put on this earth with a purpose. He was to expose the filth and corruption and expunge the wickedness of the ghosts which haunted him his entire life. Peter was a savior, sent to liberate the people of Jamaica, both physically and mentally."

With that being said, Peter Tosh's "Mark of the Beast," which was originally released on his own Intel Diplo label in the early 1970s, is another example of the Stepping Razor combatting the evil powers that be.  This one features the Wailers and in my opinion is one of the baddest tunes Peter Tosh ever recorded!

Spooktacular Track Fourteen - Peter Tosh - Mark of the Beast

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