Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Day 130 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Lt. Stitchie - Great Ambition

Okay, yesterday's track was too good not to stick with another on the same Jammys riddim... this one is by Lieutenant Stitchie and it's called "Great Ambition."  Stitchie was born Cleveland Laing and worked as a biology teacher before getting into music.  Originally Lieutenant Stitchie tried his hand as a singer before switching to deejaying in the mid-80s and appeared regularly with the Django Sound System, recorded for a couple producers and made the move to King Jammys in 1986.  Stitchie went on to a deal with a major label and when it didn't go as planned he returned to Jamaica to pick up where he had left off.  In August of 1997 after he was injured in a car accident and decided that he would walk away from music.  After becoming deeply religious Stitchie became an accomplished and well-respected gospel singer.  

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