Thursday, August 11, 2016

Day 285 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - King Cannon - Daphney Regay

Slowing down the pace a little from yesterday's scorcher but still keeping in touch with the mento roots... for your listening pleasure I present Karl "King Cannonball" Bryan with a tune called "Daphney Regay."  This one comes from a 1969 7" on the London based Fab label and in my opinion it is a sweet slice of prime early/skinhead reggae!  But getting back to the mento connection... this song, originally called "Daphne Walking," was written and sung by journalist, broadcaster and musical composer Clyde Hoyte, recorded by Jamaican music pioneer Stanley Motta with the George Moxey Quartet handling the backing and released as a 78rpm 10" on his MRS imprint in 1952.  And while I like Hoyte's original well enough, I have always preferred the take done a couple years later by Lord Composer And The Calypso Champions because their version was the first I ever heard.  But anyway, we'll turn it over to King Cannon and let him do his thing inna reggae style!

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