Friday, August 12, 2016

Day 286 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Wailing Souls - Hot Road

Short and sweet today... Up next in our yearlong cavalcade of Jamaican tunes is the 284th track!  Getting a little more "contemporary" with the sounds today by going with a little Wailing Souls.  But before I get to that it's interesting to note how I perceive anything done after 1970 as contemporary considering these tunes are 40+ years old but I think that speaks a lot to the timelessness of good reggae and how this music never loses its edge, relevance and vibe.   This one is a smooth, downbeat roots tune called "Hot Road" and it was recorded at Studio One and included on their first album appropriately called The Wailing Souls on Coxsone's subsidiary label Winro in 1975.  

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