Friday, October 07, 2016

Day 342 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Jackie Paris & Ranking Trevor - Run For Your Life

Hey, don't say I never gave you something additional this October!  When I first featured Jackie Paris' tune "Run For Your Life" way back in 2008, aside from clarifying that he's not the American jazz singer and guitarist with the same name, I didn't use the discomix that includes the sweet deejay version by the great Ranking Trevor.  Produced by Winston Riley circa 1976 and released on the Mummy label, a label that just screams Halloween I might add, this is just simple advise to run away from someone literally trying to kill you!  With lyrics like "Run for your life, he's behind you with a knife," "If you should fall, he will stab you in your back" and "keep on running don't try to look behind, find some place to hide" this sounds like some serious shit that you need to get the hell away from immediately!  And to make things even more interesting, the melody is borrowed from the classic Disney song "Hi-Ho" from Snow White but with the decidedly un-Disney theme of avoiding getting your ass killed.  Dig it!

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