Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2016 - Track Fourteen - Wicked Men

Gordon "Big Gordy" Robertson, based in Barnsley England is a top-notch selector and DJ of Jamaican music from Ska to Reggae, as well as Northern Soul, R&B and even Gospel!  Gordy has an extensive knowledge of damn good music and a completely enviable record collection.  You can catch him on TGM Radio and he updates his DJ GreedyG's Foundation Selections Podcast - that you can check it out here - often enough to keep you rockin' and swing for days at a time!  I am forever indebted to Gordy for hooking me up with an MP3 of the JJ All Stars' "Adams Family" tune a couple years back... thanks again man!

"Wicked Men - Winston & Bibby aka The Astronauts. This came on a JA Astronaut label and Bluebeat in the UK, it's BB Seaton and Delano Stewart as a duo, pre-Gaylads era. They pour scorn upon all wicked evil doers over a driving ska beat, especially the police. Also one of the first instances in Jamaican music where the police are referred to as "babylon."

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