Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 346 of 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge - Jah Thomas - Cricket Lovely Cricket

Okay folks we're easing into something here... and like I said on Saturday, I'm kinda diggin' that the 365 Day Jamaican Music Challenge is allowing me a chance to vary the subject matter a bit.  Don't get me wrong, I love the hell out of the scary stuff in October but when it comes to today's track "Cricket Lovely Cricket" by the great Jah Thomas, which is an ode to the sport and not the noisy-ass insect of the same name that always seemingly has the ability to find an inaccessible crevice somewhere near your bed and chirp annoyingly throughout the night while you're trying to rest, it's nice to break things up a bit.  And while I'm not going to shock anyone with the direction this My Conversation "riddim road" is going to take us, yes I'm getting to Lone Ranger's "Barnabas Collins" and Yellowman's "Mi Kill Barnie," I figured that we'd take an early exit, refuel, grab a bite to eat and use the rest rooms before putting the pedal down and reaching our final destination of full-on October spookiness.  "Cricket Lovely Cricket" was self-produced and recorded by Mr. Nkrumah in 1979, during what I call the height of the My Conversation riddim frenzy, and released on his Midnight Rock label.  Now don't think for a second I'm just using this record for a filler, this is a smooth tune even though Cricket makes as much sense to my American mind as astrophysics.  So hop in, buckle up and roll up the window if you would...  I'm starting to get a chill.  

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