Monday, October 31, 2016

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2016 - Track Twenty One - Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten

First and foremost, Happy Halloween!  The month of October as usual has been extremely busy but like always a lot of fun also!  I have thoroughly enjoyed putting together these Spooktacular for the past eleven years from digging for and selecting the tunes to sitting at the computer with Garageband for countless hours dropping thunderclaps, werewolf howls or Me Tie Doughty Walker's into the mix at the perfect moments.  It is a very gratifying experience!

We're wrapping it up with a nice one from Eric Donaldson called "Duppy Know Who Fi Frighten" from his 2005 album 100% Love on the Roots & Culture label.  The song is based on the Jamaican expression which means that a ghost (or a person) with evil intentions will only attack those who they're confident they can subdue or hurt.  So basically, Donaldson is proclaiming that he's not easy prey and that the duppies (or those with ill will) need to be wary of haunting him; it's essentially a song of defiance!  I of course had to "boo things up" a bit with a plethora of ghostly sounds, whispers, evil laughter, etc. and I think it wraps up the entire mix in a cobweb encrusted, blood and grave dirt soiled bow; fashioned from a mummy's wrapping of course.  

This year, like always, I will be in charge of the trick or treating duties tonight.  My kids, especially my son, are both at the age where I fear that they will lose their interest in Halloween and that they're too old to be dressing up in costumes but so far they have not show any sign of slowing down.  This year my son is going as the classic 70s Super Friends era Aquaman and my daughter is going as the white-robed Princess Leia from the original Star Wars and I of course joyfully took it upon myself to put them together.  I wouldn't miss trick or treating with my kids for the world!  So to everyone out there I say have a safe and happy Halloween and to those parents on the prowl tonight with their little ghosts and goblins may the weather be warm, your shoes be comfortable and the candy mountain at the end of the night be plentiful... with zero mini-bags of nasty-ass candy corn taking away prime space from a fun-sized Snickers!


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