Friday, October 28, 2016

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2016 - Track Twenty - Satan Side Version

Sam Votsis AKA Sammy Gong is one of the founders and a frequent contributor to the illustrious DC Soundclash.  Aside from digging for vinyl he is an avid fan and collector of comic books, in fact I discovered that Sam and I are what you may call kindred spirits when it comes to horror comics and an appreciation for obscure exotica, surf guitar and Halloween music.  Sam was late hopping aboard the Distinctly Jamaican Sounds guest spot train but as I expected he came through for us with his write-up on Augustus Pablo's "Satan Side Version."  Thanks again Sam!


"Augustus Pablo is one of the first names you discover when you start digging into Jamaican music. Pablo (b. Horace Swaby, 1954-1999), known in no small part for his exotic and plaintive melodica riffs, could also go big, as evidenced here. He lays a blanket over this excellent Keith Hudson track, then proceeds to take a sledgehammer to it all. Keith Hudson, by the way, might need a little introduction: He was a producer responsible for some of the finest reggae tracks in the first half of the 1970s. Often described as “eccentric,” Hudson certainly had a sharp point of view — and got some great work out out of Jamaica’s top talent at the time. Singers like Ken Boothe and Horace Andy, as well as DJs like Dennis Alcapone and U Roy, cut major and minor masterpieces for Hudson, who also released quality instrumentals and dubs. Check out “The Hudson Affair” collection and his “Pick a Dub” LP."

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