Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2016 - Track Nineteen - Death Waiver

Without further ado... go to it Bobby! 

"10 Ft Ganja Plant started out as an offshoot of Boston Massachusetts’ John Brown’s Body.  The group was formulated from J.B.B.’s engineer Craig Welsch. Welsch has worked with bands such as the Aggrolites, Destroy Babylon, and Giant Guerrilla Dub Squad; all heavy hitters in the modern reggae game. Welsch started off T.F.G.P. as a studio group shrouded in mystery to pay tribute to the golden era of reggae from the 1970’s which was one of the most productive periods of Jamaican music as tunes were flowing from the radio dial. Producers evolved singers and vocal groups into legends at Studio 1, Channel One, and Black Ark.

10 Foot Ganja Plant featuring this single on their second volume of funky reggae groove instrumentals called Deadly Shots, released in 2012.  Roger Rivas from the Aggrolites is behind the organ and grounds this tune in particular, doing his best Jackie Mittoo. “Death Waiver” and most of the album is a tribute to 70’s Kung Fu movies.  Keeping with the horror theme one can picture a crimson masked grim reaper skeleton slipping a piece of paper to an unsuspecting victim."

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