Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular 2016 - Track Two - You've Got To Beware

We have featured quite a few Derrick Morgan tracks in quite a few Spooktaculars over the last eleven years and this year is not gonna be any different.  This one is called "You've Got To Beware," backed by the Aggrovators, produced by Joe Richards and released on the Canadian G-Clef label some time around 1975.  Odd thing is, that with the pleasing influx of "flying cymbals" on this track it would be easy to think this baby was done for Bunny Lee.  Though not directly speaking about the spooky, Morgan's warning to beware can be applied to almost every aspect of life from avoiding evil men, staying away from backstabbers, looking both ways before crossing the street, chewing your food properly and watching your footing so you don't slip and break a hip in the shower... it also serves as a reminder to protect yourself from that errant vampire that will inevitably come swooping out of your bedroom closet at 2AM on a dark and stormy night.  And while Mr. Morgan doesn't say it, he's strongly advising you to have a crucifix, a wooden stake and a jug of holy water within arms reach on your nightstand, just in case.  But hey, I have the tendency to read more into things than most people.  

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