Friday, October 14, 2005

Peter Touch Slays the Vampire

In a similar creepy vein, if you’ll pardon the pun, I present “Dracula” the 1976 dub version of Peter Tosh’s song “Vampire.” This masterful dub track complete with screams, rattling chains, howling wolves and Bunny Wailer’s sinister cackling was released on Tosh’s own Intel Diplo label. The track was originally recorded at Randy’s Studio 17 and was mixed by Tosh and Karl Pitterson. I’d been looking for a decent copy on vinyl for quite a few years now and was pleasantly surprised when it appeared in the Peter Tosh box-set “Honorary Citizen” in 1997. I think you’ll dig it!

Link has been dead for a long time - suddenly it violates some copyright bullshit!

Be sure to pick-up "Honorary Citizen" if you don't already own it!

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