Monday, October 17, 2005

Yellowman Versus Dark Shadows

I hope I can keep the scary tunes up until Halloween, as you can imagine the list of creepy reggae tracks is a little short. But this one goes well for this time of year… the DJ Yellowman’s response to Lone Ranger’s “Barnabas Collins.”

Yellowman, born Winston Foster in 1959, is the albino toaster that many regarded as the King of DJ’s in the 80’s. He faced a tough road growing up because the albino or “dundus” is virtually an outcast in Jamaican society. In 1978 he won the annual Tastee Talent Contest in Kingston, kinda like Jamaica’s equivalent to “American Idol”, and within a couple short years he became one of the most prolific and popular artists in reggae history.

“Mi Kill Barnie” or sometimes-titled “Death of Barnabas,” was Yellowman’s first single and first major hit. I think you’ll dig it!

Yellowman - Mi Kill Barnie

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