Tuesday, January 10, 2006

African Dub All-Mighty Chapter 3

I've got my turntable up and running and today presented here in its entirety is African Dub All-Mighty Chapter 3! Produced by Errol Thompson and Joe Gibbs at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio and released in 1978 this is a pretty decent album. I could go and spend a lot of time trying to paraphrase what is written about this series of important dub albums in Steve Barrow's excellent resource "Reggae the Rough Guide," but it would take a while to get it down as succinctly as he does...

"African Dub All Mighty Chapters 1, 2 & 3 - "Three albums that decisively helped to popularize dub; the first two within the existing reggae market, and the third beyond it to disparate groups like punks and experimental rock fans. The formula was the same on all three: mainly Studio One and Treasure Isle rhythms updated by the Professionals in the 'rockers' style, and given imaginative mixes by Errol Thompson. The more obvious gimmicks - telephones ringing, toilets being flushed, the odd siren, dogs barking, etc. - became more prominent as the series progressed and reached a wider audience. The perspective of time has treated all three albums well." "Reggae the Rough Guide" by Steve Barrow & Peter Dalton

Tracks are...

1. Chapter Three
2. Rema Dub
3. Tribesman Rockers
4. Freedom Call
5. Jubilation Dub
6. The Entebbe Affair
7. Angolian Chant
8. Zion Gate
9. Jungle Dub
10. Dub Three


Paul Colley said...

Laawd! top album. Takes me back to my stoner uni days (77-80) in Norwich UK. Big shout out to ex EAS students of that era. Any chance of any Frankie Paul?

Paul in Bradford UK

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Jd - thanks again! Glad you're diggin' it!

Paul - I think I can dig up some F.P. for ya! Stay tuned...

jacob z. said...

thanks for this, great album! and thanks for taking the time to do this... you are providing a great service, sharing your knowledge and tunes. cheers!

John AKA Reggaexx said...

Jacob - thanks so much for the kind words! I've added your blog to my links!