Thursday, January 12, 2006

By Request... Frankie Paul!

By special request and a popular demand! Frankie Paul, born Paul Blake,1965, was blind at birth. After having his vision partially restored as a youth he was inspired when his school was visited by Stevie Wonder and decided to make music his career. In 1983 he first appeared on record alongside veteran singer Sugar Minott on Channel One's clash album "Show-Down Vol.2" and from that point on he became one of dancehall’s most popular artists. The hits he recorded for Junjo Lawes "Pass the Tu-Sheng-Peng,” "Dem a Talk ‘Bout” and "Hooligan” were some of the best he’s ever recorded and quite possibly signaled the arrival of an enduring and prolific star.

I am sharing two tracks from F.P., as he often refers to himself, and I think you’ll dig ‘em!

From the "Show-Down Vol.2" LP on the Channel One label – Frankie’s original "Worries in the Dance" which he later updated with a slightly lighter tone for Junjo and became a massive hit.

And the Volcano 12” "Hooligan,” complete with wicked Roots Radics extended version at the end!

Lillian Allen tomorrow!


PCAyorks said...

What a response - thx so much. Frankie P is the man! Love

Paul in Bradford UK

jd said...

Didn't know Frankie Paul either.

But sounds great again. I'm a big fan of Roots of course "Hooligan" is the one I realy DIG ;).