Monday, October 16, 2006

Halloween Mix Part 12 - Yellowman Versus The Evil Barnabas Collins

And now... the exciting conclusion as Winston "Yellowman" Foster battles the sinister Barnabas Collins in a struggle of near biblical proportions. Will good triumph over evil or will the undead challenger vanquish the DJ superstar? Stay tuned and hear!

Here it is... "Me Kill Barnie" or sometimes called "Death Of Barnabas" by King Yellowman. It was with this song that Yellowman grabbed the attention of fans in Jamaica and which helped him win the Tastee Talent Contest in Kingston, as the legend goes. It really was nothing more than a response to Lone Ranger's hit but it is so witty it's almost as good as the original... almost.

I've added a few effects to a couple "fight scenes" and they have been cracking me up at how well they go with the tune. I think stuck up against Barnabas these make a nice mix in themselves and the "I, Barnabas" sample at the end ties them up together nicely. I'd have to say, I was really pleased at how the Lone Ranger and Yellowman cuts went together and I hope you agree. Oh, the photo is obviously the cover from the Marvel comic "The Tomb Of Dracula" - I originally wanted to find a real photo of Abraham Van Helsing, portrayed by Christopher Lee, staking Dracula and wanted to Photoshop Yellowman's head on his body but my Photoshop skills are lacking and after about 5 hours of trying to get it right I said the hell with it!! Maybe next year!

Of note - We've got nine more tracks to go and I'm planning on wrapping them up by next week - just in time to have your entire "Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular" slapped together a couple days before Halloween!!

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