Monday, October 09, 2006

Halloween Mix Part 7 - Voodoo Moon By Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Brothers

Straying away from the feel of the last track and almost straying beyond Jamaican music... next up in the mix is a tune by Jackie Mittoo And The Soul Brothers from the album called "Last Train To Skaville" (released on the Soul Jazz label) and as you'll notice it definitely has more of a Jazzy/Latin flavor than a ska feel. The album dates from the period 1965-1967 when the Soul Brothers, who got together in '65 when the Skatalites disbanded, and quickly became the number one band in Jamaica during the period when ska was transforming into rock steady. Original members of the Soul Brothers include not only Mittoo but Roland Alphonso, Johnny Moore and Lloyd Brevitt. Eventually the Soul Brothers would become the Soul Vendors in 1967 and aside from the Skatalites this would be the band that Mittoo would most often be associated with.

I've taken the cool, congo drum-driven, jazzy instrumental track "Voodoo Moon" and embellished it with a couple random pieces of zombie-related audio I've got floating around my hard drive. Hope you like it because I had a lot of fun putting this track together! The picture is that of a Haitian voodoo ritual and I think it works with the song. Don't get me wrong, I like gory horror movies as much as the next guy but the zombie pic I found on the net and was planning on using for this track was just a little too much for a mild-mannered reggae blog. :-)


i said...

this track is my favorite so far. dig the "rated R" clip at the end. niceness.

Reggaexx said...

Glad you like it! Thanks for providing some feedback!!