Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Halloween Mix Part 9 - Tappa Zukie & The Revolutionaries Escape From Hell!!!

Time is tight today so I've got to be quick... Tappa Zukie produced the dub album "Escape From Hell" with Sly & Robbie and the Revolutionaries in 1977 and released it on his own Stars label. This is the title track from said LP... I just added the sounds of hell - lots of screaming, flames, rumbling, evil laughter, etc. This is one track that I didn't use an existing background from a Halloween sound effects album - it took about 6 tracks of audio to get it right but I kept it low so it wouldn't be too distracting! It's a great song with lots of horns courtesy of Deadly Headly, Vin Gordon and Bobby Ellis and with hell added I think it works well with this month's theme. Of note - I just discovered a discrepancy with the Trojan boxset "Dub Rarities" - they have this track attributed to the Musical Intimidators and after double checking the Zukie album I realized that this is in fact the same song. I've heard how Trojan has the reputation for changing the titles and artists on their compilations to make buyers feel as if they're getting the chance to hear some long lost tracks when in fact they are buying something that they might already have elsewhere. I originally entitled this post the Musical Intimidators' Escape From Hell but now I'm just a little wiser - glad I looked into it!

Artwork is "Last Judgement" courtesy of Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516), a Dutch artist whose religious and biblical artwork achieved a surrealistic feel long before Salvador Dali. A 17th Century Dutch art historian described Bosch's paintings as "wondrous and strange fantasies... often less pleasant than gruesome to look at." You can view more of Bosch's works here.


Eric said...

Aloha, I'm a DJ from Hawaii, and I ran across your site while doing a search for "Barnabas" by Lone Ranger. On Tuesday I'll be doing a 3-hour radio Halloween special featuring Jamaican songs and dubs with local spoken word ghost stories. Some of your mixes sound perfect to play, although I couldn't find a way to link to them.

Reggaexx said...

Eric - these were from last years mix - check the current pages, I have re-upped the entire mix from last year as well as a ton of songs for 2007.