Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Wrap-Up

Thanks to all who downloaded the Jamaican Halloween Spooktacular and who posted positive comments, I appreciate all the interest and I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to share this music. Jamaican music, whether it is mento, ska, rocksteady or reggae, is a lot more diverse than people usually give it credit for and I hope I gave those with little exposure to the island's music a well-rounded sampling of the different subgenres while following the fun spooky theme!

Again, thanks for your interest and I'll be back soon with more music from the beloved island in the Caribbean, minus the Halloween theme, and I hope those who came along for this little adventure in October will stick around a while and give it a listen on a regular basis.

Blessings to all!
John AKA Reggaexx

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

that was some big project indeeed
much appreciated
a stint i haiti studying voodooism could be a NICE fiesta.
well done.